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People may be nervous when they hear that they have cataracts. However, almost everyone by the age of 70 will be diagnosed with some formation of cataracts. Cataracts lead to a clouding of the eye’s clear lens that causes diminished eyesight and, if left untreated, may even lead to blindness. Surgery is the only treatment option, as there are no medications or exercises to prevent the formation or progression of cataracts.

Dr, Jarvi specializes in Advanced Technology Cataract Surgery including Toric astigmatism correcting and Multi-focal implants often completely eliminating the need for corrective eyewear after surgery.

Dr. Timothy Jarvi and his staff want you to rest assured that the treatment options available will enhance your life. The cataract procedure is brief, carries minimum risk, and recovery is often quite quick. In fact, many patients experience a significant improvement in their vision as soon as the day after surgery.

Dr. Jarvi has been successfully preforming cataract surgeries for more than 20 years and his patients consistently comment on the positive experience they had. We invite you to take the time to read visit the links below for more information on cataracts and contact us 231.348.3600 if you have any questions and to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note that if you have a current optometrist, we frequently work to co-manage patients with optometrists and would be happy to do so for you.

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